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About Nicola

Nicola has always been captivated by the creative art of writing. From reading as a young girl, Nicola always dreamed of creating something of her own. As she got older and a few high school essays later, she found herself applying for a content writer position at Love Coupons. Now Nicola has the freedom to create beautifully written pieces for the world to enjoy.

One thing Nicola does love is a good saving, and Love Coupons being a discount company made it even easier for her to save money. Writing content for Love Coupons has enabled her to spread savings to others, so that they may enjoy a good saving too.

Nicolaโ€™s Average Workday

Nicolaโ€™s day starts with a cup of coffee at 9 am. Once her laptop has been switched on, itโ€™s grind time, working from one brand to the next. At noon, she usually takes her lunch and decompresses before carrying on with the rest of the day. At 5 pm, Nicola logs off for the day and begins her nightly relaxation routine in preparation for the next work day.

What Makes Love Coupons The Best Place To Work?

Love Coupons allows their writers the freedom to be creative with their work whilst maintaining a professional feel to the content seen on their website. They enable their writers to work closely with supportive managers and supervisors, that provide construction criticism so thereโ€™s room for improvement. Working for Love Coupons allows Nicola to work in her own space and time, enabling her to be in a creative headspace the whole day.

Nicolaโ€™s Proudest Saving

Nicolaโ€™s proudest saving moment would have to be when she purchased an entire book series during the Black Friday sales. The series was originally priced at $50 but she managed to get it marked down to just $20! Thatโ€™s a 40% saving and she had a new book series to add to her collection.

Nicolaโ€™s Top Saving Tips

If there is one thing Nicola knows it is how to get a great saving. She has listed her top tips below to help you out:

  • Look for coupons here at Love Coupons.
  • Sign up for brand loyalty programs for regular exclusive deals.
  • Follow brand social media pages for a heads up on all their sales first-hand.
  • Know how to bargain with the seller.

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